WCS V2 Registration
Manually Registration WCS V2

Thank you for your Interest in WCS. The price for the software is 21.00 EUR (about 26.00 US$)

You may register WCS manually if your Computer isn't connected to the Internet. If your computer is connected to the net, we recommend the automatic registration within the program!

Enter your data exactly as you did in your software
First name :
Last name :
Installationkey :


Manually Registrationprocess for WCS V2:

Please clicke the Info-Button:

At the WCS-Infoframe click at Register

Enter your firstname, lastname and email-address and click at the green Arrow (<=).
You will than see the installationnumber at the right bottom of the registrationframe.
Use this number in this webform.

After you have checked the data you entered, please click the [Send]-Button.


WCS is © by Wolfgang Ruthner, Feldstrasse 11A, 3300 Amstetten, Austria
http://wcs.ruthner.at, Email: wcs@ruthner.at